Native SF

Born and raised in San Francisco, Plant’It Earth is one of the nation’s oldest hydroponic and indoor gardening companies. We opened our doors in 1993 on Market Street.

“Friendly service and knowledgeable staff” is our slogan and mixed with the best products, great prices and really good looking stores we enjoyed over 20 years of brick and mortar retail.

What sets us apart is our passion for plants, gardening and service.

And this is what inspired the future vision of Plant’It Earth.


We closed our last retail store in March 2015.

What kept us energized for over two decades was helping growers grow the best gardens possible. Our knowledge base is cultivated by a winning combination of hands on gardening and helping thousand of growers. Our goal is to share this experience here as well as in the field by offering direct consulting services.

If you are interested in working with us directly we would love to talk with you.

Of course please feel free to visit as often as you like to see what’s growing.

Happy gardening!